House Groups

We strongly believe in building community and belonging to a home group means that you are part of a committed and loving family, where friendships are built, everyone participates and is encouraged to use their gifts.

Home groups are gatherings of around six to 12 people who meet together during the week for support and encouragement. This is where we learn how to live out our Christian faith and apply the teaching of the Bible to our everyday lives. Small Groups are a great place to develop meaningful friendships and explore the Bible in more depth.

Monday Ladies Group

This is a bible study group run at Lucy Yates’ house; we meet on Monday afternoons, for
a few ladies who find it difficult to be free in the evenings because of child care. We
discuss, and study in detail the subject covered on Sunday mornings.

One exciting change to our group is that as a Home group we have started an outreach
once a month. We have a ‘coffee club’ with some of the Mums whose children have
grown too old for Little Sparks. This gives us a great opportunity to get to know these
ladies much better.

Friday Morning House Group

We are a group of eleven ladies, who meet, 9.45am till 12noon.

We have a time of bible study, usually based on the sermon the previous Sunday – an
opportunity to consolidate its message and to further explore and discuss issues arising
from it.

One of the strengths of our group is prayerful and practical support and loving care for
each other. This has been especially important in order to support members who have
very sadly bereaved.  We commit to pray for each other’s needs during the week and have a house group prayer chain.

Wednesday Evening House Group

This group started to meet in late Autumn 2016. We have quickly gelled into a group that is increasingly demonstrating love and encouragement for each other through prayer, friendship and a desire to grow in our faith. Everyone contributes and is very open in sharing their needs and responding to the teaching. We are learning from each other as we seek to deepen our relationship with the Father. We have dipped into a range of Bible passages usually preceded by a time of sharing and prayer. Sometimes we use music to lead us into prayer.

Nigel and Sean take it in turns to lead the group. We have studies 1 Peter and also considered the work of the Holy Spirit and how He can empower us to live more Godly lives. We are very open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and sometimes abandon the study to pick up on emerging themes and inspirations. As a group, we visited The Filling Station at Barton to engage in worship and teaching. The food was really tasty especially the cucumber sandwiches! It has been an amazing few months and we are looking forward to hearing more from God as he challenges and encourages us. We are a lovely group and would love to welcome you to join with us.

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